Country Heat Calories Burned

Country Heat Calories Burned

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Country Heat Calories Burned. How many calories do you burn doing Country Heat? I put together a detailed list after tracking each dance workout myself and am sharing the With that, as expected, average calories burned for Country Heat workouts increases to 228 calories, which is actually higher than 21 Day Fix Extreme (remember, this is just an average and some of the 21DFX workouts have higher calories burned). … Of course 21DFX has weights for strength build unlike Country Heat.

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Country Heat Review… Does it work?

We will see. Country Heat is the new cardio dance program with portion control nutrition released by Beachbody. I am not a dancer and it takes A LOT to get me to dance so I was very reluctant to try this. I personally enjoy throwing around weights (enter my Tim “The Toolman” Taylor grunt from Home Improvement for those that remember that show!) But, I think Country Heat is going to be HUGE as this program makes fitness more accessible to those that do not enjoy exercise as much or those that possess a lower fitness level (there are modifier moves) or those that even want to get in shape while having a lot of fun. And, for most Country Heat workouts you only have to learn 2 moves for each sequence vs. entire dance routines like CIZE or other programs. Technically, the test group results for Country Heat were BETTER than the 21 Day Fix (program includes weights), which was game-changing for so many people with their health and fitness. That IS impressive. Now, I have read some comments that prompted this review. I have read that Country Heat workouts are too easy and that you can’t get results with this program. The other extreme that I have heard is that Country Heat workouts are as hard as Insanity Max:30. So, time to set the record straight with unbiased data!

The Data Analysis Summary

Again, I am not a dancer or even enjoy dancing, but after reviewing all 11 workouts from Country Heat I am impressed by the opportunity here to achieve a great workout while having some fun. Yes, I had some fun (it was more fun since nobody was watching!) For many of the workouts, the time went by very fast as I did not find myself staring at the countdown clock or dreading the workout. I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of the calorie burns and heart rates for Country Heat. As my wife Julia says, anyone can do this program and get a good workout from the dance beginner (me) to someone that took dance classes growing up (Julia). We expect those that took dance classes growing up will be very good at the moves and especially love the Country Heat program! More below on potential differences in heart rate analysis between men/women, beginner/expert (using the same heart rate monitor to reduce variables). But, the question remains, how does Country Heat stack up against some of the other top workout programs…

The table below demonstrates the VERY detailed results from comprehensive heart rate analysis for all 11 workouts for Country Heat including the bonus workout Dance Mash-Up and deluxe workouts Wild Goose Chase, Cardio Round Up and Saddle Up Line Dance (click to expand for easier reading).  The data includes calories burned, average heart rate, max heart rate, time in each of 5 workout zones plus the percentage of time in max zones 4 and 5. Normalized calories are also shown (calories/workout time). The data is sorted with the highest calorie burn workouts at the top ranked toward lowest calorie burn at the bottom (not surprising, very short line dance routines). The graph also summarizes the workouts with regard to heart rate analysis (calories burned, average heart rate).

I feel really good about the data set and the regression analysis below indicates a very strong correlation to the data set for normalized calories and heart rates, which is a good sign. Although not shown in graphical format, max heart rates vs. average heart rates for all 11 workouts also provides a decent fit at y = 0.9987x + 23.17 (R2 = 0.71604).

I found a significant calorie burn with some of these workouts up to 300 calories in less than 30 minutes. Bring The Heat was a rocker compared to most. Not surprising, I generally found that my heart rate is in the lower workout zones for Country Heat compared to the more intense Beachbody programs, however, average/max heart rates are impressive given the basis for this program. It appears that the heart rate challenge for Country Heat is more steady-state like a jog (although more fun than jogging) vs. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT, like Insanity), but you keep moving throughout the entire workout (no absolute breaks, just active recovery). A few of the workouts alternate between high and low tempo music that essentially simulates HIIT. But, generally I would expect less “afterburn” of calories for Country Heat relative to HIIT or resistance (Bring The Heat data shows ~4 min recovery time to baseline heart rate vs. 10-20 min usually for me for weighted workouts).

Interestingly enough, Julia is observing calorie burns similar to the popular 21 Day Fix Extreme, although there are only a couple cardio routines with 21DFX. Below is a table comparing the AVERAGE key metrics for heart rate analysis for all workouts for each program and you can see that Country Heat has a higher percentage of workout in Zones 4/5 (elevated zones) as well as average heart rate and normalized calories (calories/workout time). This is not surprising since Country Heat has more cardio than 21 Day Fix Extreme, as mentioned. The higher max heart rate for 21 DFX is also not surprising given the tendency to hit those higher rates with resistance workouts, from my experience. In the bottom row of the table I removed the two, very short line dances since the low calories for those workouts dramatically lowers average calories. With that, as expected, average calories burned for Country Heat workouts increases to 228 calories, which is actually higher than 21 Day Fix Extreme (remember, this is just an average and some of the 21DFX workouts have higher calories burned). What is more impressive is that average workout length for 21 Day Fix Extreme is 30.43 min vs. approx. 26.70 min for Country Heat (with line dances removed in the average). My mind is blown given the challenge of some of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. Julia says she would pick Country Heat over Plyo Fix Extreme any day for cardio:) Of course 21DFX has weights for strength build unlike Country Heat.

We also observed some interesting results on potential differences between men and women from a cardio perspective in these workouts (my experience and others on the Team has indicated men burn more calories for a typical workout, but never studied the theory closer until now). The heart rate analysis data for both Julia and I, using the SAME monitor, is summarized below for all 11 Country Heat workouts for each of us (Mike data in BOLD). When looking for trends, I also confirmed the regression fit of our data sets. You can see the R2 values and regression equations in the table below as well. I opted not to go into much more statistical analysis here to keep it simple (like T test, p-value, etc.), but the results in both tables show some inconsistency in relative differences in heart rate data between us. Some workouts I seem to be getting a better burn, others Julia does. It is clear to me that some of the more challenging workouts in terms of difficulty of the dance moves, like the Deluxe bonuses Wild Goose Chase and Cardio Round Up, show Julia with higher heart rates and calorie burns. This is not surprising as she is much better at dance that me with more “flare” (although admittedly she says far from expert). I was likely modifying more and less “flare” during the moves, ha. Like anything else in life, you can make it as challenging as you would like depending on effort. The Regression data really only indicates that the calories burned fit is strong where R2 is 0.87231. Bottom line, I don’t see anything here that says that either a man or woman burns more calories or provides higher heart rates. Perhaps that is the case with resistance workouts as observed in the past (perhaps since in that case I was lifting heavier).

I am already thinking that Country Heat will be a great program to hybrid for extra cardio for resistance-based programs. This is NOT a Country line dancing program, but rather it is a cardio dance routine set to Country Music (mostly popular cross-over music, not Country twang).

Finally, check out the comparison below to some key performance indicators relative to other top Beachbody programs P90X3, Insanity Max:30, Hammer & Chisel, 22 Minute Hard Corps and Body Beast (click to expand for easier reading). Numbers shown are averages of all 16 Insanity Max:30 workouts, all 20 P90X3 workouts, all 19 Hammer and Chisel, all 13 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts and all 15 Body Beast workouts relative to all 11 Country Heat workouts. Workout times generally average in the 30 minute range for the other programs while Body Beast is obviously longer with 30-40 minutes for most workouts…

I would not say that there are many surprises here as we are comparing a more introductory dance program to several more intense, resistance-based workouts. Country Heat demonstrates the lowest percentage of the workout in Zones 4/5, lowest average heart rate, lowest average max heart rate, lowest calories burned and lowest normalized calories burned. I am a little surprised that the average heart rate for Country Heat is approaching Body Beast and P90X3. However, Body Beast promotes a lot of rest periods between lifts, generally speaking, and P90X3 has less cardio with Yoga/Pilates/Stretch routines that bring down the average values. **Note: If you remove the 2, short line dances from the calories burned average for Country Heat, you get 222 calories, which is slightly less than 22 Minute Hard Corps** Overall though, Country Heat does a good job of providing elevated heart rates and calorie burn, while of course having fun in the process. So…




Favorite Workouts: Bring The Heat, Down and Dirty, Dance Mash-Up, Trail Ride

Least Favorite Workouts: Wild Goose Chase, Dance Conditioning

Hardest Workouts (for me): Wild Goose Chase, Bring The Heat, Cardio Round Up, Night Crawl Line Dance

Easiest Workouts (for me): Saddle Up Line Dance, Dance Mash-Up, Giddy Up

The Reviews Country Swing

Workout Description: Go a little wild with songs like “Young & Crazy” while you crank up the calorie burn with moves like the Grease Step and 2-Timing Hop.

Country Heat Calories Burned

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